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Summer 2015 - I received a corporate level grant from General Electric for Chromebooks for our 2nd grade students! WOW! THANK YOU GE!

Summer 2014 - I was a member of the Writing Committee as our district adopted the Lucy Calkins program. Additionally, I spent 40+ hours working on writing, spelling, reading, and more! I sure was busy!

2013-2014 School Year - I worked as a mentor teacher with 2 wonderful - WONDERFUL teachers on the RESA project for the State of Ohio. I served on the LA committee as well.

Summer 2013 - I worked with a colleague to create a comprehensive LA program to support the Common Core Standards. We put in 60+ hours! Additionally, I moved buildings and set up a NEW 2nd grade classroom!

July, 2013 - I worked with a group of amazing teachers from the Twinsburg City School District to provide support as they transitioned to a guided reading approach to reading.

June, 2013 - I participated in the Math AddVantage training. It was awesome!

2012-2013 School Year - As a mentor teacher,  I supported 3 amazing teachers during the school year.

August, 2012 - I participated in a Connected Learning professional development class sponsored by the Aurora City Schools.

January & May, 2012 - I worked with a team to assess Master Teacher Portfolios for the Aurora City Schools.

August 2011-May 2012 - I was a mentor teacher for a new teacher to the district! Supporting teachers is one of my favorite things to do beyond the classroom!

May, 2011 - I worked with a team to assess Master Teacher Portfolios for the Aurora City Schools AND became a Master Teacher myself (again)! :-)

2010-2011 - I facilitated the mentor program for the Aurora City School district.

Summer, 2010 - In the school district in my community, students are required to keep a summer reading and math log from grades 3-6. The number of minutes required varies by grade level. Many children attend summer camp all day which could make it difficult for students and families to complete the required minutes. Therefore, I created a summer reading club for campers. I facilitated the club 3x a week to support students with completing the requirements.

2009-2010 School Year - I facilitated the district mentor program and received training from the State of Ohio on the new requirements to be a mentor teacher.

February, 2009 - Earned Master Teacher status in the State of Ohio

2008-2009 - I was a member of the A.C.E.S. service club at school which was designed to build a culture of acceptance of and appreciation for all others. --- from ACES

2008-2009 - I worked to create a BELIEVE workbook and COURAGE activity book. 

December 2008 - Participated in the Portage County Educational Center consortium to review and score Master Teacher applications.

2008-2009 School Year - I facilitated the mentor program for the Aurora City School district.

2007-2008 School Year - I facilitated the mentor program for the Aurora City School district.

Summer, 2007 - Working with adaptive technology, the software program Co-writer, and a consultant from,I worked with a student who has dysgraphia, a disorder of written language expression.

2007 - Hall of Fame Writing Committee - for a Hall of Fame School! I am proud to have been a part of Leighton Elementary School's Hall of Fame writing team. On May 1, 2007, our school (officially) became a Hall of Fame School for the State of Ohio!

August, 2006 - I was a mentor for a 3rd grade teacher new toour Aurora staff for the 2006-07 school year.

July, 2006 - I successfully completed the rigorous Praxis Assessor training workshop and passed the Praxis III: Classroom Performance Assessments Assessor Proficiency Test (APT) to become a Praxis III assessor for the State of Ohio!

2005-2006 - I was an active participant on the district’s technology committee.

July, 2005 - I completed my second Master's Degree in Special Education - Gifted and Talented from Kent State University. (My first Master’s Degree is in Education Administration).

2004-2005 - Facilitating the district mentor program was avery rewarding experience for me. I had the privilege of working with new and experienced teachers in the district. As a community of learners, we provided support to our entry year teachers as they prepared for their Praxis III assessment. Additionally, we shared, discussed, and learned ways to improve instruction for all of our students.

2004 (Summer) - Ohio Award for Excellence Committee

2004 - KAPEP (April 2004) I had the privilege of working with an amazing team of teachers led by Dr. Lopez (Academic Director) and Mr. Bennett (Harmon Middle School Principal). The purpose of KAPEP (Kent Area Professional Education Partnership) is to utilize the resources from Kent State University in our school district. This initiative has just begun and will continue to evolve in the near future.

2003 (Summer) - I attended the Aurora Summit on Education. I also participated in Dr. Roger Taylor's workshop on Differentiating the Curriculum; An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching.

2003 - I facilitated the Aurora City Schools District mentor program.

November, 2002 - One of my students, Kara, was selected to be interviewed for the Cable Channel 9 Spotlight On Aurora show to speak about mathematics. Kara did a fabulous job! We all enjoyed watching all of the students being interviewed on the show. It was a great day!

Kara and I were invited to the November Board of Education meeting to speak about the newly adopted Math Investigations Program.

August, 2002 - I was interviewed by the superintendent of Aurora Schools for the Cable Channel 9 Spotlight On Aurora television show as a"new-veteran" teacher to the Aurora City School District.

June, 2002 - I'd like to thank Mr. Brodsky, Mr. Pollock, and Dr. Lopez for the opportunity to join the Aurora City School District and the opportunities for continued professional development!!

I participated in technology training (Align Ohio), a guided reading in-service, and a math Investigations workshop at John Carroll in August. I worked with Dr. Lopez to develop the district mentor program. I facilitated the monthly mentor meetings for the 2002-2003 school year.

I would like to thank the building principal and curriculum director from Twinsburg, Ohio for affording me the opportunities to participate in valuable workshops and school/district committees in order to further the advancement of the students, school, and district as well as my professional development.


May 1, 2002 - I attended the Spring 2002 Regional Meetings in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio with my building principal from Bissell. The ODE featured presentations from the Offices of Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction, Teacher Certification and Licensure, and School Accountability.

2002 - Who's Who Among America's Teachers - There is no greater reward than to be valued by former students.

I was selected to be included in the seventh edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers. I was nominated by a former student - from my first year of teaching! WOW! WHAT AN HONOR!

HALL OF FAME Writing Committee - for a HALL OF FAMESCHOOL!!!

Perhaps you have heard of it ....maybe your school is trying to achieve it ....I am proud to have been a part of Bissell's Hall of Fame Writing Committee for the past years and in 2002 ....WE QUALIFIED FOR A VISIT! As they say... the third time is a CHARM! On March 25, 2002, we were visited by two representatives of OAESA (Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators). They toured our schools and classrooms, interviewed teachers(I was one of them) and support & classified staff, parents, students, the superintendent, and principal! Additionally, they viewed several display boards highlighting our schools, events, etc. I created the board titled "SCHOOL MANAGEMENT." Here are just a few items highlighted on my display board:

Project STAR, Planner (Student Sample), Tiger Print Newsletter, District Newsletter, District Calendar/Annual Report, Building Safety and Maintenance, Goals/Documents, Medical Alert (RED ALERT Card), Enrollment Packet – Emergency Card, Picture of our full-time nurse helping students, District Health and Safety Committee, Tiger Partners – Actual Sample of Journal, AND MUCH MORE!

April 29, 2002 - Bissell School was awarded the distinction of Hall of Fame School, 2002! WOW!

2002 - Standards Reform Public Forum - Cuyahoga Falls High School

I attended the Academic Standards Make A Difference ~ State and Local Perspective public meeting on February 28, 2002.

2001-2002 - Aspiring Principals Workshop I participated in a workshop titled "Aspiring Principals" through the Summit County Educational Service Center. During the course of the workshop, I learned about the newly established standards for future principals. I identified my key beliefs about schooling. I read the book LEADERSHIP WITHOUT EASY ANSWERS by Ronald A. Heifetz and identified characteristics of effective principals as well as technical and adaptive work. I worked with participants to analyze case studies and determine solutions to realistic school situations.

2001-2002 - LPDC - As a member of the Local Professional Development Committee, I oversaw, reviewed, and ruled on Individual Professional Development Plans for the purpose of educational renewal(Twinsburg City School District, Sept. 99)

2000, 2001-2002 - Math Mapping Committee I worked collaboratively with colleagues and a Summit County representative to "map" our math program. To strengthen our existing map program we distributed the objectives from each math strand from our curriculum throughout the four grading periods. The math strands include: Patterns, Problem Solving, Number Relations, Geometry, Algebra, Measurement, Estimation, and Data Analysis. In addition, we are working on creating Quarterly Assessment Tests for each grading period as well as a supplemental packet of activities for each teacher.

June/July, 2001 - Enrichment Program Development

I worked with a colleague to develop an integrated enrichment program for our third grade classes. Titled "Tiger Challenges," activities include calendar challenges, math mind benders, and activities based on the curriculum themes.


November 30, 2000 - I received National Board Certification. Through the assessment process, I documented my subject matter knowledge, provided evidence that I know how to teach subject matter to students most effectively, and demonstrated my ability to manage and measure student learning. In addition, I provided samples and documentation of my professional contributions and collaborations to the professional community and my outreach to families and community.

1997-2002 (Summer) - School to Career School to Career is a system that will offer opportunities for all students to participate in work-based education and training programs. The mission of the program is to ensure that every student graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing world of work - and to be prepared for lifelong learning.

1997 - I volunteered to represent the 4th grade to work with teachers from the 8 districts within the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center consortium to write the 4th grade state model curriculum for the program "School to Career," to be implemented in our school. I implemented the program at the third and fourth grade levels.

2001 - I was awarded the Gold Star Award for my performance and dedication to the program. I worked with Mr. Rich Masino on a regular basis to design and implement activities in the classroom. Hands-on activities were designed for students. Literature was integrated on a weekly basis based on the 12 Strands of the School to Career model.

January/February 2001 & January 1997 - Twinsburg School District Staff  In Service Presenter On January 19th February 9th 2001, I (with a colleague) presented on the topic The Four Blocks of Literacy. A PowerPoint presentation was created to highlight each of the four blocks (Guided Writing, Guided Reading, Working with Words, and Self-Selected Reading).

January 17, 1997 - I facilitated a session on setting up and using a Web Page for the Twinsburg City Schools teachers.

February, 2001 - Pathwise Training On February 3rd and 10th,2001, I participated in Pathwise Training.

1999 - Tiger Partners ~ Partners in Proficiency Program

Committed to the continuing growth and development of my colleagues, school, and profession, I, along with a colleague, developed a Proficiency Parent Awareness Program titled Tiger Partners ~ Partners in Proficiency Program. The program includes monthly proficiency related activities for 2nd and 3rd grade students. The journal includes a parent letter, 2nd and 3rd grade learner outcomes, and journal pages for each month to be used by the students when completing monthly activities, reflection pages for parents, charts, and Venn Diagrams. A newsletter has been developed for the months of September - May. Activities in each of the five strands of the proficiency test (Writing, Reading, Math, Citizenship, and Science) have been prepared for the students to complete in the journal section at home. These activities were also carefully planned to correlate with our school's Quarterly Objectives! A sharing/incentives/tracking plan was also implemented. Each week every student is required to bring in her/his Tiger Partners Journal to share. Using the monthly chart (provided to teachers) the teacher tracks which students participated. The student is given a tiger sticker and tiger ticket to be entered in the monthly drawing. This program is possible due to the support from our building principal, the district's superintendent and curriculum director, and our fabulous PTO. The Tiger Partners Journal is legally copyrighted in the state of Ohio.

1999 - Continuous Improvement Planning Committee

During the summer I worked collaboratively with colleagues and administrative staff to develop a Continuous Improvement Plan for our school district. We wrote plans which have been implemented in our building. Our goal was to become an Effective School by meeting established state standards.

Quarterly Assessment Test Development

As part of our Continuous Improvement Plan, Quarterly Assessment Tests were created for each grade level in our building. Prior to our 4th grade moving to a different building, I worked collaboratively with acolleague to create a Writing/Reading assessment test for 4th grade (grading periods 1-4). I then worked independently to write a quarterly assessment test for grading periods 1-4 for 3rd grade. Each test packet includes:

  • Purpose
  • Objectives
  • Story
  • Prompt
  • Checklist
  • Writing Competency Record

1999-2000 - Senior Lead Mentor for Twinsburg School District Mentor of Mentors (1998-2000)

I worked collaboratively with colleagues and the curriculum director to contribute to the effectiveness of the school district in the area of staff development by creating an outstanding mentoring program. I took a vital leadership role in the development and implementation of the program which was recognized by Summit County Educational Service Center personnel as" excellent.... an exemplar for other schools." Some goals of the program include:

  • To enhance the performance of new teachers by facilitating their transfer of knowledge gained from pre-service course work into appropriate teaching practices.
  • To increase the opportunity for new teachers and educational personnel to experience success through the development of a support system.
  • To promote the personal and professional well being of new teachers and educational personnel.
  • To provide professional growth opportunities for mentors as well as new teachers and educational personnel.
  • To create a climate that encourages a helping relationship among the staff members.

1997-1999 - Leadership Academy "Each day, every child and adult at Bissell Elementary School will actively participate in meaningful learning experiences, dedicated to lifelong learning, in a supportive and positive environment."

As a member of Bissell Elementary School's leadership team,I committed myself to the continuing growth and development of myself, colleagues, school, and profession by creating and developing a school mission statement, advocating for programs and policies that benefit the students,school, and profession, and learning about and implementing a county project titled NEW3. I worked with colleagues to shape the professional culture of the school and to strengthen our school's programs.

1998-1999 - Mentor  *See Below

1998-1999 - Team Leader (4th Grade) By creating agendas, providing materials for colleagues, and working collaboratively with staff members, I worked to enhance student learning and prepare students, parents, and staff for proficiency testing.

1999 - Professional Development (Economics America) - I took several courses related to proficiency testing and economics.

1996-1997 - Member of the Academy of Technology and Learning

As a member of the Academy of Technology and Learning offered through Summit County Educational Services, I, along with 7 other team’s members, have worked together to increase our knowledge of technology, and to create new work in partnership with students. This extensive program includes72 hours of involvement in activities such as Site Visits, Team Building and Critical Issues Seminars, Invitation to Inventions, Main Speakers, and Technology Application. In addition, 36 hours of Field Work and Activities is required. As an avid technology user and high achiever, I completed all 108required hours in January (1996) before the May deadline. Since completion, I have utilized technology in many ways including teaching my students how toe-mail, and using the Internet as a resource in the classroom.

1997+ - Member of Phi Delta Kappa Nominated by a third grade teacher for my leadership and dedication toward the teaching profession, I became a proud member of Phi Delta Kappa, a professional fraternity in education on November 22, 1996.

December, 1997 - Participant Teacher’s Academy I attended a four day workshop for the area of Mathematics. During this time, I learned new and exciting ways to teach Math to my fourth grade students and pertinent information relating to the Fourth Grade Proficiency Test. I also received books and materials to take back to my fellow colleagues to use. After the workshop I immediately implemented some of the ideas. For example, as an introduction to our Geometry Unit, I began by reading The Greedy Triangle (a book recommended by the presenter). Then after introducing and creating polygons, students created their own shapes out of straws. As a writing extension, students wrote on the prompt: Why is your shape better than anyone else’s? We displayed the creations on a bulletin board titled "SHAPE UP" which students wanted posted for an extended period of time!!!

1996-1997, 1998-1999, 1999-2000 - Mentor I received training in the area of Mentoring during the summer of 1996. I have been a mentor for a first year, third grade teacher during the 1996-97 school year, a first year4th grade teacher during the 1998-99 school year, and a first year third grade teacher during the 1999-2000 school year.

1993-1998 - Math Curriculum Committee

On this committee as the fourth grade representative, I worked with other grade level representatives and Summit County Educational Services to review and revise the Math curriculum, and select appropriate grade level books and materials.

1995-1997 - Report Card Committee

During the 1995-96 school year, Bissell Elementary School redesigned the report card issued to students. Actually, reconstruction began the previous year, with finishing touches made during 1995-96. A committee was formed to determine how the new report card would look for the third and fourth grades. I was on the committee, representing the fourth grade teachers. On the computer, I created rough drafts from the ideas presented. I also worked with designers and printers to lay out the new report card and interim report format.

1993-1997 - Writing Competency Committee

To improve students’ proficiency in the area of writing, the Writing Competency Program was created. Teachers from all grade levels (2, 3,& 4) met to select four writing assignments to be completed during the course of the school year. The purpose of the writing competency program is:

  • To assess an individual’s success in mastering a portion of the Language Arts curriculum
  • Determine the effectiveness of the Language Arts curriculum in the Twinsburg City School District
  • Meet the competency requirements established by the State of Ohio

As the fourth grade representative I met with the fourth grade teachers to discuss and select the prompts and stories to be incorporated into the program. I then created a packet for all 4th grade teachers to use as a resource. In addition to creating the 4th grade packet, I also created the2nd and 3rd grade packets as well.

1993-1996 - Math Fact Club Committee

In an effort to improve students’ knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, the Math Fact Club was created. A committee was formed to create the charts needed to keep record of student progress for all 30 teachers in the school. Also, a timeline was established for teachers to follow including the length of the program as well as the times required for all students to complete the tests. For example, during a 10 week program, students completed tests in 5 minutes. Then, for a 3week period, students took tests in 4 1/2 minutes. For the final 2 weeks of the program, students worked hard to Master their facts in 4 minutes!! The students were motivated by rewards from the Principal, including pencils, and if facts were mastered (95% on all 4 tests), students proudly wore a Math Fact button. Also while on this committee, I created a large bulletin board in the entry of our school displaying the number of students who had mastered their facts for each of the ten weeks.

1994-1995 - District Curriculum Committee

1994-1995 - I was a participant of the District Curriculum Committee. Curriculums for several areas were reviewed and either adopted or revised for future consideration.

October 1994 - Blue Ribbon Bond Committee

In an effort to help pass a Bond issue to acquire necessary funds essential to expand the Twinsburg City Schools, I worked on the Blue Ribbon Bond Committee.

Fall, 1993 - C.A.R.E. - Chemical Abuse Reduced By Education

I received C.A.R.E. training - A school-community intervention and prevention program to deal with alcohol and other drug problems in elementary schools.

1995 - Cooperating Teacher

August, 1995 - December, 1995 - I supervised a college senior from Akron University for her student teaching experience.

1994-1995 - Assistant Varsity Cheerleading Coach (During the 1994-95school year, I was the Assistant Varsity Cheerleading Coach for the RBC Chamberlin High School cheerleaders.