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**Our school will be adopting a new Positive Behavior plan. More information will be coming soon!

My Responsibilities As Your Teacher

  1. I CAN treat you with respect and care as an individual
  2. I CAN provide you an orderly classroom environment
  3. I CAN provide the necessary discipline
  4. I CAN provide the appropriate motivation
  5. I CAN teach you the required content

Your Responsibilities As Students

  1. YOU CAN treat people with respect and care as individuals
  2. YOU CAN be prepared for class daily
  3. YOU CAN be cooperative and not disruptive
  4. YOU CAN study and do your work
  5. YOU CAN learn the required material

 A. Classroom Code

  1. WE CAN be polite at all times.
  2. WE CAN work as not to disturb others.
  3. WE CAN listen when others are talking.
  4. WE CAN be friendly to our classmates.
  5. WE CAN respect our teacher and other adults.
  6. WE CAN be truthful and honest.
  7. WE CAN be prepared for class everyday.
  8. WE CAN cooperate with others.
  9. WE CAN take responsibility for our actions.
  10. WE CAN always do our best.


Thank you for your support. This year will be successful if we work together.