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  1. Any work that has been assigned to your child has been fully explained. Please allow your child to work independently.
  2. Please inform the office when your child is absent from school. Also, please maintain current accurate information on your child's student emergency card.
  3. When your child returns from being absent, he/she will be asked to make up missed assignments. If your child is ill for more than one day, please make arrangements for class work to be picked up by a student for you. Also, please be certain your child is well on the road to recovery before sending him/her back to school. It's no fun for any child to feel poorly at school.
  4. A student may be referred to the school nurse for a basic vision or hearing check. If something appears to be in need of further assessment, you will be notified. Please try to follow up on the referral. 
  5. Outdoor recess is an important part of your child's day. Be certain that he or she is dressed appropriately for the weather.


  1. Read to your child daily. Vary the reading material (i.e. newspaper, magazine, recipes, books, etc.).
  2. Be a good listener. Be interested in what your child brings home.
  3. Encourage your child to use the library and to read for enjoyment.
  4. Establish a DEFINITE STUDY TIME. Praise him or her for good or improved work.
  5. Help your child to become a responsible young person at home, as well as at school. He or she will, in turn, become more confident and feel good about him/herself.