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Technology in Our Classroom

It's amazing what the students in my classroom are learning! We practice keyboarding skills on a weekly basis. Additionally, students will complete the following activities ... AND MORE!


  • Import Pictures
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Research Activities

Microsoft PowerPoint
(including animation)

  • History Then and Now
  • Purposes of Local Government

Microsoft Word

  • Create Continents
  • Summary of a Story
  • Timeline
  • Descriptive Paragraph
  • Mother's Day Poem
  • Father's Day Activity
  • I AM Poem
  • Using the cut and paste tools within a document:
  • ~ How to build a Snowman (this incorporated sequencing and writing a set of directions as well)
  • ~ Identifying Production and Consumption


  • Graphing Activities (Weather Graphs)
  • Using formulas in a spreadsheet

** These tasks can be created in different programs**

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1. Responsible Use

1.1 Define copyright and recognize its purpose.
1.2 Identify and interpret school rules on student use of equipment.

2. Define Information Problem

2.1 In working on information problem, establish a focus for the project.
2.2 Describe how information can be used in school and for personal use.
2.3 Identify a situation where information is needed to solve a problem.

3. Information Seeking Strategy

3.1 Explain the purpose of the catalog and material organization.
3.2 Locate maps using the index of an atlas.
3.3 Identify and label parts of a book.

4. Information access and location

4.1 Complete simple searches in the catalog on a self-chosen topic.
4.2 Use a call number to locate specific materials in the media center.
4.3 Use URL's and bookmarks to find appropriate Internet resources.

5. Resource Evaluation

5.1 Identify illustrator's style by techniques and media used
5.2 Select equipment appropriate to use (CD, video, etc.)

6. Organize Information

6.1 Make a simple outline
6.2 Take a simple note

7. Use of Information

7.1 Select and use encyclopedia, dictionary, and atlas
7.2 Select and use periodicals
7.3 Discuss relationship between text and pictures in materials

8. Basic Operations and Technology Awareness

8.1 Locate files in a shared folder
8.2 Use the undo button when appropriate
8.3 Copy files to and from a floppy disk
8.4 Identify common technical problems (e.g. not printing, disk stuck, computer not booting)

9. Word Processing

9.1 Cut and paste text within a document
9.2 Use correct finger placement on all keys
9.3 Define paragraph alignments and line spacing in documents
9.4 Properly format a report
9.5 Import clipart from picture libraries

10. Database

10.1 Define the terminology of a database
10.2 Enter data in a prepared database
10.3 Perform a search on a prepared database
10.4 Define the fields in a database table

11. Spreadsheet

11.1 Enter a summation formula into a spreadsheet
11.2 Create pie and bar charts with existing data
11.3 Perform "what if" analysis using existing data
11.4 Format the cells of an existing worksheet
11.5 Format the cells of a worksheet to currency and percentage formats
11.6 Use the AutoFill and copy functions to copy functions to other cells

12. Net Tools

12.1 Send and receive email with attachments
12.2 Obtain information from sources from email
12.3 Execute a pre-defined keyword search on a topic provided

13. Multimedia Presentations

13.1 Place text objects into different slides
13.2 Create slides with builds and transitions
13.3 Operate a camcorder
13.4 Insert sound files independently
13.5 Insert video files from a data source
13.6 Create and present a presentation on a given topic

14. Graphics and Desktop Publishing

14.1 Manipulate a graphic object from the www or other source in a paint program (Microsoft Photo Editor)
14.2 Insert graphics into different files
14.3 Create a newsletter with images and varied text and graphic formats

15. Communicate Result of Research

15.1 Recall story elements as appropriate; theme, style, format
15.2 Respond to literature through drama, art, writing, music
15.3 Prepare project/report with simple list of sources

16. Evaluate Product and Process

16.1 Determine ways to improve